PLS Staging

Your Technical Audio Visual Support Partner

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Meetings and Events play an important role throughout any business organization and come in all shapes and sizes from impromptu chats and weekly discussion groups to monthly consultations, quarterly conferences and annual conventions. They allow for us to encounter creative thought sharing experiences where face to face communications enable interaction by causing a reaction, an open “give and take” environment where we can share, listen, and learn about new ideas, concepts and theories.

PLS is a premium Audio-Visual production company consisting of a team of Client Service Managers, Stage Managers, Technical Directors, A/V Engineers, Stagehands and Technicians that are ready, willing, and able to work as your dedicated support partner on your next Production.

Through our experience and extensive knowledge of the live events industry we have the capabilities to design, construct and produce a wide variety of conferences, corporate events, meetings and technical projects while offering Audio, Video, Lighting, Scenic, and Staging production support along with quality A/V rental services available 24/7.

With a common goal of communicating the client’s needs and messages first and foremost, we focus on achieving proper creative solutions with confidence and direction to help in resolving most any production related challenge or obstacle that may stand before us.

Contact us for all of your audio-visual needs and our event production support services.